Hiller Higman
Hiller Higman


Hiller Higman

Hiller Higman is an artist and professional graphic designer based in Bozeman, MT.

Success with his own marketing and design agency, Bootleg Enterprise, led to his current position as Design Director for The Natural Baby Company/ GroVia and its ever-growing line of baby products. By day, Hiller handles illustration, brand development, website design and management, packaging and fabric design, multifaceted advertising and crowd control.

Away from the office, Hiller is seldom without his sketchbook.  His life-long interest in art has become a more focused avocation and a passionate part of daily life. His art is personal and full of personality.   A love of family, cycling, skiing, and travel are ever-present in his drawings and larger works. Hiller's keen eye and sense of humor make his work highly original, attention-getting and memorable.

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